Knit Natural

Our vendor profile today is Knit Natural – a business that aims to promote natural fibres, specialising in handspun yarn. Susie Gourlay works to support the wool industry while keeping a tie to the past and holding on to the traditions of fibre artists everywhere!

Susie was taught to knit by her grandma when she was younger, but it didn’t stick until she stumbled upon the fibre community in her city of Regina, where she met so many wonderful and talented like minded people. Susie realized this is where she belonged and she wanted to learn as much as she could.
Susie values education and strives to share knowledge in all that she does. She teaches fibre arts classes, including ‘Handspinning on a Drop Spindle’ and ‘Fleece to Finish’ at our festival this year. She also judges wool shows.
“If it is a skein of yarn, I  want you to know what breed it came from and what it is best suited for.  If it is a pattern, I want you to know why I designed it the way I did or even if it is a lock of wool, I want you to know why it is such an important fibre.”
Susie has had many of her items used by fashion designers Riley Lawson and Dean Renwick for Saskatchewan Fashion Week. Susie says to see all her hard work up on the runway, in professional photos and on professional models, then to hear the compliments from strangers was a highlight of her business.
Make sure you stop by Knit Natural and see the amazing handspun yarn!

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