Wild Wind Naturals

Vendor Susan Sydor lives near Brandon, Manitoba. Here is her story about her business, Wild Wind Naturals:
My addiction to fibre happened when I attended an event called the Honey Garlic Festival in a small town in Manitoba. I was making bath and body products, but had always had an interest in alpaca. Baloun Alpaca Acres was there, and on her table she had a basket of cria fleece. I made the mistake of sticking my hand into it…and that was the beginning.  I took the fleece home with me, didn’t know the first thing about spinning, fibre, making yarn, none of it. Within a couple of months, I had a wheel and a carder, and the rest is history.


Over the last six years, my fibre love has taken me into creating wonderful fibery things for other fibre lovers, including batts, dyed braids, hand processed dyed fleece from all over the world, and I spin, knit, and weave.


I absolutely love color. I see it in every landscape, in the sunsets and the morning sky. It’s everywhere, and we’re so blessed to be able to see it, and to try to share the lusciousness of a gorgeous cormo lamb fleece with those colors in it. It’s divine.

I can’t say I have a favorite of the things I produce, because it’s all the stuff I’m in love with. I can tell you that my project I was most proud of was my first six foot shawl I produced on my tri-loom, made entirely from hand processed, hand dyed, and hand spun fibre. It included some of my own alpaca as well, which was really great.

Thanks for this introduction, Susan. See you at the Festival!

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