Prairie’s Edge Wool Farm

Barb Mulock from Prairie’s Edge Wool Farm, Kleefeld Manitoba answers our questions this morning.

What do you produce and make?
I raise Shetland sheep and Angora goats.  I sell raw and processed fibre from my animals, including washed fleece and angora locks, batts and rovings of various fibre blends (wool, mohair, alpaca). While I also sell hand -spun yarns, I primarily cater to spinners and felters.


How did you get started in fibre arts ?

By chance, about 15 years ago I a met a wonderful group of spinners who taught me the art.  From there is seemed completely reasonable to buy a farm, move to the country, and start raising my own source of fibre 😊

2016-03-25 08.58.00.jpg

What inspires the work you do and things you create?
I love seeing a product from beginning to end.  That is –  raising the animals, shearing, skirting, washing, carding to finally spinning or felting.  Each fleece is different and unique to work with.
What is your favourite piece that you’ve ever created?
The first sweater I knit from my own hand spun wool from my first ram sheep. (priceless – literally)
Experienced festival goers head straight for Barb’s booth to stock up on local fibre. This year be sure to also find Max, her bottle baby angora goat and our unofficial mascot!

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