Cloud 9 Fiberworks

Daria Rakowski of Cloud 9 Fiberworks answers our questions today. This is her fourth year as a vendor and volunteer with the Manitoba Fibre Festival, and we are glad to have her.
Tell us about your business.
My business is called Cloud 9 Fiberworks and I make and sell hand dyed yarns and fibres, mostly one-of-a-kind or limited run colourways as well as design and sell knitting patterns.
How did you get started in fibre arts?

There was never any hope of my avoiding fibre arts! I started crocheting and knitting both before I even started grade 1. My aunt was the founder of Vicuna Wool Studios (for those of you with LONG memories) so I was always surrounded by fibre arts of one sort or another. I started dyeing in 2008/09, first learning and supporting Castle Fibres from South Dakota and then on my own, regularly, in 2012.

What inspires you?

I love colour. A lot. A friend recently asked me to take a stab at replicating some very muted yarn that she absolutely adores. I was game for the challenge but told her ‘I don’t do subtle very well.’ Which sort of sums up my creative process: it is usually all about vibrancy.
What is your favourite piece you have created?
My favourite yarn that I’ve ever made was my first attempt at capturing the Crab nebula. I love love love images from deep space for inspiration and this one turned out just exactly as I had planned. It was the first time I actually struggled to put a tag on something for sale. The lady who eventually purchased it shared a photo with me – it was a wonderful thing to see knit into something well loved.

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