Alpaca Loft Fibre Studio

Many of you have met Cathy Merkley  as an instructor at the Fibre Festival. She and Trudy McCall operate the Alpaca Loft Fibre Studio near Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.  They raise alpacas and sell a variety of products, including whole fleeces, roving, yarn, knitting kits, crochet kits, finished products, both hand made and commercially produced and fibre arts supplies.

Cathy says “I have been knitting since I was a kid, so alpacas seemed to be a natural fit.  Trudy crochets.  The alpaca fibre is marvelous to work with and since we first got alpacas we have both learned to spin, to dye, and to felt and hook rugs.  We love the versatility of the fibre and the end result feels so good, regardless of the project.”
What is your inspiration? “We just love the alpacas, their fibre and how soft it is.  The natural colour range in alpaca and the beautiful dyed colours we can achieve always offers up the next project idea, in any of the processes. “
Favourite project or creation? “Felting is occupying my mind and hands lately.  I finished a webbed cape this summer that was really fun.  Knitted thrum mitts get such a good response from people that they always make me feel good when I knit a pair, or teach someone else to knit them.”


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