North Sun Studio

Let’s step away from fibre for a moment and look at the work of Janine Bergamot, at North Sun Studio in Hadashville, Manitoba. Her handmade artisan jewellery incorporates fibre art techniques in a very different media. Using a variety of metals she creates necklaces, bracelets, earrings, knit-safe pins, and stitch markers. This is Janine’s second year as a vendor at the Manitoba Fibre Festival.

Janine says “I enjoyed designing and creating embroidery and stitching for may years, but after seeing a photo of viking knit chain in 2013 I decided to give it a try. I love that I can treat metal as a fibre and use some of my thread experience to solve various design challenges.”


“Much of my work is inspired by the stones I select, sometimes I have a vision as soon as I touch them, other times I receive a feeling that takes time to reveal itself as to what it wants. Interpretations of nature, memories, or events also feature strongly in my work.”

Stitch markers on a knit-safe pin.  Wear your tools!

“It always seems that the last item I create is my favourite, but I really enjoy making necklaces. I like trying to reach a balance between something quiet that could be worn anytime and something exciting that would be saved for an occasion — in the same piece!”


Take time for a close look at Janine’s work at the Festival. You are sure to find something that will perfectly complement your hand knit sweaters and shawls.


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