Susie Gourlay of “Knit Natural”

Susie has been with the Festival since the first year, so many of you will already know and appreciate her talents as a teacher, spinner, and designer. She lives in Regina, and we are lucky that she and her husband Jeremy travel to Manitoba regularly for our festival in the fall and the Blue Hills Fibre Festival in June. If they can combine the trip with a football game, all the better!

Susie has judged our wool show for four years, approaching each new fleece with a keen eye and a fresh desire to learn about the qualities of the fibre. Susie is passionate about natural fibres and loves to share her knowledge.

In 2017 Susie is teaching three classes at the Festival: FLEECE TO FINISH is what we think of as ‘core curriculum’; the class where people acquire the confidence to buy a raw fleece and start the magical transformation into clean fibre for spinning and felting. Her HANDSPINNING WITH A DROP SPINDLE class is the perfect first step in turning  beginners into competent spinners. We love making more spinners! New this year is the SUPPORTED SPINDLING class where Susie will share her techniques for success with this design of spindle. Here’s the link to workshop information and registration.

susie gourlayWhile Susie is busy teaching, Jeremy will be minding  the Knit Natural vendor stall where you can buy Susie’s wonderful handspun yarns. Go say “hello, and thanks for being here at our festival”.

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