Community Partner: Chase the Chill Winnipeg

The mission statement for Chase the Chill Winnipeg is “Celebrating the art and beauty of knitting and crocheting, building community, generating positive interest in a location, and sharing with others.” No wonder we love them so much! Those shared values and the smiling face of Valerie Paulley, the organizer of CTCW, are a winning combination.


This is Val preparing scarves for display at the 2016 Fibre Festival. They added great colour and unique style to our decor! Look for even more of them this year.

What’s with all the scarves, you ask? Chase the Chill is an international “annual happening with a cause”. Volunteers in many different locations knit and crochet scarves and cowls and then distribute them  in public places so that those in need—regardless of income and without any qualifiers—can help themselves.

There are few rules: Anyone can participate in any part of the process. You can knit or crochet a scarf, donate yarn or help  hang the scarves on the first Saturday in December in the Exchange district in downtown Winnipeg.


Here’s a link to a CBC article on last December’s yarn storming of the Exchange.

Chase the Chill Winnipeg also hosts a “Knit in Public” day each June in Assiniboine Park. It’s a chance to show off some of the items donated in the first half of the year, while crafting in good company.


Scarves for donation can be dropped off all year at Wolseley Wool and Ram Wools. Follow CTCW on Facebook and on Instagram to see the great variety of donations as they are collected. Then look for yours on display at the Festival in September.

We will be collecting scarves at the Fibre Festival, too. In fact — news flash! — five scarves or cowls donated to Chase the Chill Winnipeg at the Festival door equals one free admission! So get together with some friends, enjoy some crafting for a cause, and save $5 while you warm all our hearts. Thanks!


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    1. Hi Sharon, Chase the Chill Winnipeg only accepts scarves (new, handmade). Of course there are many other places in town that would appreciate your generous offer of hats for next winter.

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