Lace Enhancements with Mandy

Mandy Furney loves to knit lace. A lot of lace! She will share some of her favourite techniques with other knitters in her Lace Enhancements workshop at the Festival. This shawl that Mandy recently created as a gift to a bride beautifully illustrates these skills.

mandy's wedding shawl

Here’s how Mandy describes the class: 

Lace Enhancements – A Trilogy of Techniques

Have you ever thought to yourself …. this lace is lovely, but it could be better.

Me neither. Lace is glorious. 

Sometimes (okay, often) I do think I would like a little extra flair – with a few extra stitches.  I adore creating 7 stitches out of 5 stitches, 9 stitches out of 3, 15 out of… okay, I’ve never created 15 stitches in that way (yet).  I will show you how beautiful these stitches are and teach you the tricks to make these stitches easier to work.

Hold on to your needles folks; there is more. I’m going to share with you my favourite enhancement that you can use for texture in your lace. It rhymes with soups.  NUPPS.  Nupps are like bobbles for lace, only without having to work back and forth (and they are prettier).  I know more than one trick to help you create the noble nupp that will leave your friends in awe of your skills.

I understand that nupps are not everyone’s cup of tea (but you really must try them with me!).  Perhaps they are not shiny enough for you.  If so, I have one more enhancement up my sleeve: BEADS. Beads are a wonderful addition to any knit project – I use them on everything from lace- to aran-weight projects.  They come in a wide array of colours and sizes. I can show you the basics of what to look for when choosing your beads, how to place them, and the many tools available.

We will be working a sampler in the class. Yarn, beads, and beading tools will be supplied. Bring your favourite 3.5mm – 3.75mm (US 4 or 5) needles or borrow a pair (of straight needles). 

PREREQUISITE: You must have some experience knitting lace, even if it is the simplest of mesh lace. You need to be comfortable working yarn overs and decreases. This is not a beginner lace class.


Mandy Furney (Mandyz; the zed is silent) teaches about religion in the evening, but during the days while she is keeping kids out of trouble she likes to knit, crochet, and spin.  She also enjoys designing knit items with a focus on designs for hand-spun yarns.

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