Long Way Homestead

Today’s profile is from Anna Hunter, Manitoba fibre farmer, Festival vendor, and volunteer. In the short time Anna and her family have lived in Manitoba they have added much to our community. We love her energy and vision, and look forward to seeing Anna’s business grow.

Long Way Homestead is a small family owned and operated fibre farm and CSA in Eastern Manitoba, Treaty One Territory. We have a growing flock of shetland and merino sheep, and a mixed variety of other livestock. We want to encourage local and sustainable textile manufacturing in the province and country. family collage

Besides raising our sheep and selling yarn and roving we have plans to build a small-scale wool mill. In the Spring of 2018 the wool mill will be processing not only our own wool, but the fibre of other Manitoba farmers. We see this as an opportunity to support other farmers and fibre artists, but also a chance for knitters and crocheters to become more closely connected to the source of their wool!cairo.jpg

The “Sponsorsheep” program was started in May of 2017 and it allows us to directly engage and connect with the broader fibre community to create a greater understanding of the process involved in raising sheep, growing and producing wool/yarn. Not every fibre enthusiast has the opportunity (or proximity) to own or visit a sheep farm, so this program brings that fibre-farm experience to the consumer. Every sponsorsheep includes naming rights, monthly updates with pictures, opportunities to come and visit the farm, and at the end of the year wool from that sheep.

We believe that by reconnecting with the source of our fibre and the landbase it is grown on, fibre artists can support small farms, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and help restore natural pasture lands. We are thrilled to be apart of the Manitoba Fibreshed, and look forward to collaborating with farmers and fibre artists alike!

Sunna, a 2017 “sponsorsheep” lamb


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