Why You All Should Attend

For the fibre enthusiast, those of us with experience at the Festival, the answer to “why should you attend the Manitoba Fibre Festival?” may be obvious.  So obvious you may not know how to describe it; it’s self-evident, isn’t it??

Perhaps, however, you or someone you know doesn’t quite know the answer. Or, perhaps, you don’t know how to entice the new-enthusiast; the future-fibre-enthusiast; your family and friends who keep asking you to whip up a lace-weight cardigan for them.

For all of you (the enthusiasts, the friends of enthusiasts, the folks wondering if you are an enthusiast, and the people who don’t know what we mean by ‘fibre’) I prepared this video. I hope you find it helpful.

(I’m not a sound editor and some refreshing breezes started to obscure the sound, so I have added the full text to the video for you. Select the Subtitles option on the video.)

The Flatlands Collection can be found over here. This video was recorded before the launch.

The Handspun Skeins competition information can be found here (or from the links bar above).

For all the available workshops as well as vendors, see the links in the navigation bar above!

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