Cindy Hoppe Fibre Artist

Meet Cindy Hoppe from Biggar, Saskatchewan and her wonderful fibre art work.  We are pleased to welcome her as a first time Manitoba Fibre Festival vendor this year.      

Cindy Hoppe Fibre Artist:  I make jackets, sweaters, ponchos, vestments and wall hangings using primarily wool.DSCN6961

How did you get started?

I took my mom’s weaving in the 90s and made it into jackets.  When she turned to felting, I started recycling woven woolens, continued dyeing with my mom (Myrna Harris) and gradually evolved into vestments and wallhangings.

What inspires you?

My inspiration is my prairie home, the changing seasons, what happens in the dye pot, some luscious yarn or a collaboration with a client.DSCN6915

Can you name a favourite creation?

A recent favourite piece is an embroidered wall hanging of our coulee in the fall —  Wolf Willow Slope.DSCN6703

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