Noble Ruby Designs

Welcome Selma Brown of Noble Ruby Designs in Niverville, Manitoba to her first year as a Festival vendor —    

“I sell hand dyed yarns. I dye primarily superwash yarns with a variety of merino blends and weights.IMG_4336

I started crocheting as a young girl in grade 3 and learned to knit in grade 10 and I haven’t stopped since! As years went by I was eventually introduced to finer quality of yarn, wool blends and super fun colours.  Bottom line for me –  I LOVE COLOUR!! – so I absolutely had to start playing with dyeing yarn.


A lot of my inspiration comes from the beauty of nature.   The colours found in nature are incredible and so pleasing to the eye.  From birds, butterflies, flowers to the fields, sky, water and trees – there’s no end to nature’s colour palette 🙂


Hands down my favourite item is my “For The Love Of” colourway series.  When I first started hand dyeing yarns I knew I was going to start with a collection called “For The Love Of ….”.  This collection started with a colourway to honour the life and memory of my daughter Cassidy, that’s how “For The Love of Cassidy” colourway was born.  Included in that collection are colourways for my son Seaver, hubby James, daughter-in-law Haley and my 3 sisters. 

I’m a small town girl where I live, work, play and now hand dye yarn.  I am so happy to have made some great connections with some local fibre artists and creative makers on social media and I’m very much looking forward to meeting people in person at the Manitoba Fibre Festival!”


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