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Johanna Giesbrecht, originally from southern Ontario, now runs “Nojo Textiles” in Winnipeg. This is her first year as a vendor at the Manitoba Fibre Festival. Welcome!

“I sell accessories, jewellery and home decor that utilizes knitting, crochet, weaving and hand spun yarns.

My first foray with fibre was when my mother taught me to knit as a child. Though I loved dabbling in all sorts of crafts, knitting was a fast love. Since then my fibre love has grown into spinning, loom weaving and tapestry weaving.


There is something irresistible to me about bringing beauty into the everyday, creating practical items with a depth of meaning and artistry.

My favourite creation so far would a handwoven rainbow scarf, using small bits of leftover yarn. I cannot currently create many pieces of that grandeur, but I would like to work towards being able to produce more unique hand woven works.”


Johanna’s creative talents include designing knitwear. Her Apex mitten pattern is one of the designs in our 2017 Flatlands Collection. available on Ravelry.

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  1. I would like the pattern and yarn used for the button pillow cover that you displayed at the Fibre Festival please

    1. Hi Carolyn, you can reach Johanna directly by email nojotextiles(at)gmail(dot)com and ask her your question about the pillow cover. You can also reach her through her Etsy shop, Nojo Textiles.

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