Bijou Canoe

Meet Lori Ebbitt of Bijou Canoe, and welcome her to her first Manitoba Fibre Festival as a vendor.
I sell an eclectic mix of handmade pieces with components from many different passions that I incorporate into jewelry.I fell in love with weaving after I took a workshop and, as with most crafts I get involved with, I experimented with ways to incorporate it into jewelry. Lo and behold my Tiny Tapestry woven necklaces were born!

I love creating things and learning new skills. I’m continually inspired by different and ever evolving creative outlets that let me experiment with new mediums. Inspiration for creating comes from all around – living in the Prairies, nature, a love of both vintage and modern design, people, travel…just about anything can turn into inspiration!
A recent road trip through Manitoba and Saskatchewan actually inspired a series of woven necklaces that uses colours taken from the fields and rolling hills of the Prairies. I am working on finishing them up for the Fibre Festival!

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