The Sheep-ish Spinner

Suzanne Budlong of Winnipeg answers our new vendor questions today  – 

Hi!  My name is Suzanne and my business is The SheepIsh Spinner and I sell handspun yarn.  Quite a bit of my yarn is hand dyed using either plant material or food colouring, but I also have a lot of stock that is acid dyed fibre.  After a number of requests, I now have a selection of roving that I have naturally dyed.

I was taught to knit by my wonderful 4th grade teacher during indoor recess but it’s only been in the past ten years that I’ve really started to explore knitting and fibre more.  I picked up a drop spindle about 6 years ago and started spinning for myself and then last year I bought a spinning wheel and fell in love with it.  I had people asking me about buying my yarn, and so on January 1st The SheepIsh Spinner went into business.


I’m finding that inspiration comes from surprising sources.  A sunset or a garden, but also children picking odd colour combinations.  I’ve even done a few skeins inspired by military camouflage.

My favourite item?  That’s difficult. I think one favourite would be a pair of fingerless mitts that I made from one of my first attempts at using my wheel and my first attempt at dyeing using pumpkin cinnamon tea.  I wore them inside all winter and the delicious smell is faint, but still there.image1 (7)

Welcome, Suzanne!



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