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Allyson Schneider introduces us to her dyeing business –
Hi, I’m Ally and I co-run Dye For Ewe.  We specialize in self-striping, “fairy farts”/mini rainbow and speckled yarns.  All yarns are hand dyed in small batches to ensure quality.
How did you get started in fibre arts?
At the age of 6, I had driven my mother to distraction with questions about the gorgeous Fair Isle sweaters she would make.  She finally sat me down with a pair of needles and taught me the knit stitch.  Unfortunately that didn’t stop the questions, so she sent me over to Lewiscraft (does anyone else remember Lewiscraft?) and there I learned the purl stitch.  I knit right through to my adulthood and through my pregnancies.  After I shook off the baby fog, knitting wasn’t quite filling my creative needs anymore so I started dyeing my own yarn.
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What inspires the work you do and things you create?

I love to see how colours play off of each other.  I love to make colours that traditionally aren’t put together, complement each other.  I draw inspiration from the world around me, be it a hiking trail, or the remnants of my children’s latest tussle that involved markers!

What is your favourite piece that you’ve created?

This may seem silly, but my favourite piece is my first self-striping sock that I ever dyed.  It’s imperfect, full of white splotches but it brings me so much joy.  After months of testing and trying different techniques, I finally created a rainbow sock yarn.  And I wear it with pride!
Dye For You provided the yarns for the Aura shawl in our new Flatlands pattern collection. Welcome to the Manitoba Fibre Festival, Ally!
flatlands ig - susie
Fingerlicious (in Can’t See the Forest for the Trees, Fall Shadows, and Plum Dandy)

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