Robin & Yarn — new vendor profile

My name is Merita Robin Ferrada and my business is called ‘Robin & Yarn’.

I make wall hangings, jewelry, and clothing patches that are hand woven by me on upright looms that either perch on a table or held in my lap.
I began weaving a couple years ago after being inspired by my friend who brought her small weaving project out to a campout. She made me a small loom and I learned how to weave from youtube. Loom weaving has since become my passion and I now have a serious yarn addiction.
My inspiration comes from a love of bright colours, textures, architecture, and the Canadian prairie and shield. What I enjoy the most about weaving is the process of making something with my hands. I find weaving to be calming, meditative, and a unique way to experiment with colour combinations and textures.
My favourite wall hanging I have created is featured in the photo below. I love these colour combinations and I made this piece for me! The blue roving was purchased from the Blue Hills Fibre Festival in Carberry in 2017. I feel like it is a great accomplishment to create something I love enough to hang on my own wall.
Welcome to the Festival, Merita!

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