Regal Rose Rabbitry

Meet two sisters who are starting out in the entrepreneur world and promoting angora rabbits within Manitoba. They live near Neepawa, Manitoba. Their interest in rabbits started as a 4H project and has blossomed into a young business.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESRegal Rose Rabbitry is offering Satin Angora Rabbits and hopes to expand in the future with providing angora yarn and fibre. This breed of rabbit is incredibly friendly, inquisitive, calm, and provides lovely fibre to spin or felt with.

The girls will have a display at the Manitoba Fibre Festival on September 14 & 15. People interested in the rabbits they currently have available for sale can contact them at .

Here’s an example of what you can do with angora fibre —  at a recent workshop on raising Angora rabbits, Anna Hunter said “I spun just 40g of locally grown satin angora fibre with some Manitoba Rambouillet and it made this beautiful, soft yarn!”


Stop in to see the Regal Rose Rabbitry girls at the Festival and learn all about the lovely creatures that provide this luxurious fibre.

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