2019 Manitoba Fibre Festival Designs


Create Make Collaborate

The 2019 collection of designs can be found on Ravelry.  Each of the seven designs is sold separately by the designer and may be available in print or kit form at the Festival.  There will also be a PARADE of items at the Festival to highlight our Collaborative Creations.

2019 marks the third year of the Manitoba Fibre Festival bringing local designers together in one collection of patterns with a common theme.  We have some now-familiar designers as well as welcome new designers.  This year’s shared mood collages feature scenes of sunrises and sunsets across the prairies and in our cities.  We invite you to step outside and enjoy these scenes directly as your own inspiration, makers.

Details for Designers below. Please note that the submission date for 2019 has closed. We look forward to hearing from new and returning designers in 2020.

Designers, as a part of the Create-Make-Collaborate project, we hope you’ll join in with sharing your talents and creativity as well as supporting our local community of makers.  In order to release the 2019 collection of designs on August 1 (allowing time for folks to make with your patterns before the Manitoba Fibre Festival), we will need to approve your design idea by June and receive confirmation that the design is ready to release, along with photos we can use in our promotional activities, by July 25. This design collection is not limited to knitting patterns. We’d love to include crochet designs. If you have further questions, Mandy is available to help.

Our collection requirements are simple and threefold:

1) The design must clearly be inspired by the annual theme

  • this is our basic guideline when we approve the idea for the collection in April. If you have a design idea, but need help making connections with other local makers for your fibre source, we encourage you to ask our coordinators or other makers early on. Create-Make-Collaborate is all about creative fun and making community connections.  If you do not already have a sample to show us, a sketch and basic description of the item (including yarn used, fabric type that may not be obvious in a sketch, your vision, etc) is fine.

2) The design must use yarn and/or fibre available from our local makers community

  • Our local makers community includes local fibre producers, local dyers, and local spinners who participate in the Manitoba Fibre Festival.  If you are not familiar with our array of local makers, please see the 2019 list of vendors.  If in doubt, contact the vendor and ask or check with the Create-Make-Collaborate facilitator Mandy.

3) The finished design must be tech edited and have quality photographs.

Designers will directly sell their own designs and will be required to create a Ravelry pattern page.  If this will be your first published design, contact Mandy if you need additional assistance. The Challenge Collection will link to all of the Ravelry design pages.  See the 2018 collection page on Ravelry for an example. Other pattern sale methods (such as print copies or kits) are at the discretion of the designer.  In past years, some of our designers have collaborated with local yarn providers to sell kits.  In order to properly value the work of all the designers, we ask that participants price their designs in line with current standards (ranging from approximately $5-9 Cdn depending on the item type and complexity).  Designers may offer discount promotions at their discretion.

New in 2019, we will be featuring all the Create-Make-Collaborate items at the Manitoba Fibre Festival.

In the meantime, you are invited to share your creations in person and/or online with the hashtag #CreateMakeCollaborate

Inquiries and submissions can be sent to  MandyFurney at gmail.com