Volunteer at the Manitoba Fibre Festival

We are kicking off our latest series of blog posts with this greeting from Margerit Roger, our volunteer coordinator. Margerit also hosts most of our planning committee gatherings, keeping our meetings productive and the committee members well fed. If you have been to the Festival you have likely seen her welcoming smile. Help us keep Margerit smiling — sign up to volunteer soon!
I’m a program planner and evaluator by trade and I don’t even knit all that much, but one of my absolutely favourite events is the Manitoba Fibre Fest. I was smitten the first time I walked into the hall in St. Norbert and saw a woman spinning right inside the doorway. These were my kind of people … interesting, courageous, creative people who spilled over with ideas! And then there was a whole hall full of textures, colours, projects, finished goods, dyes, and excited people getting inspired. I knew right away that this was a “gathering of the clan” that had been sorely needed by the people in attendance.
spinning circle
I also got the sense that this event was going to grow. Quickly. And so I offered to organize volunteers, not having any idea that a few short years later we’d be working with almost a hundred amazing volunteers! Last year, we added a volunteer scheduling software program to make some of the organizing a bit easier, but I don’t want to give up the in-person contact with the returning volunteers and I would miss emailing to welcome the new ones. There’s a real joy and generosity in the team of volunteers that makes me smile well into the winter, and by then we’re already planning for the next year.
Well, it’s lambing season and so we’re ready to launch our volunteer drive for 2019. If you would like to meet other fans of all things fibre, or if you want to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run this festival, or just want to spend a few hours helping out a really fine addition to Manitoba’s festival scene, check out the link to the volunteer application form. Details about times and assignments will be sorted out closer to the date, but we’ll do our best to honour the wishes of early applications. What I can definitely promise is that you’ll have a fun weekend and will meet a wonderful group of other volunteers.

Margerit, Volunteer Coordinator

Fill out the volunteer form and join the fun!


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