Two Bees Handmade Creations

TWO BEES HANDMADE CREATIONS is one sewist creating project bags and pouches for knitters, crocheters, needlework artists, and anyone else who likes handcrafted containers for their “stuff.”
That sewist, Rhonda Beebe, has been sewing, crafting, and creating since she was a young teenager.  When she was a child in Saskatoon, the sewing machine was set up in her bedroom and many, many nights she fell asleep to the sound of her mom sewing into the wee hours.  All her clothes were handmade, and Rhonda quickly picked up sewing skills from her mom.  When she got married, she struck a deal with her dad that he would buy her a sewing machine instead of a wedding dress and that way she could make her own.
Other fibre arts have long been a part of Rhonda’s life as well, particularly quilting and knitting.  That same father was the knitter in the family.  Learning to knit on the farm during long cold winters, he made beautiful curling and Siwash sweaters.  Rhonda’s first knitting project in her early 20s was fair isle sweaters for two nephews and a niece.  Right now she’s learning to knit socks! Rhonda has made countless quilts both traditional patchwork and decorative and is just finishing up a Kaffe Fasset quilt that has been a true labour of love.
Rhonda was also a founding member of The Stoneware Gallery on Corydon Ave. and worked as a professional potter for several years.  Recently retired from a career as a high school English teacher, she is delighted to be back in her spare bedroom sewing space playing with beautiful fabric and hoping to join the renaissance of appreciation for handmade items.
Look for Rhonda and her handcrafted bags in the Festival market Sept. 13 & 14.

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  1. Pat and I look forward to seeing you at the Sale this weekend at the RREX Grounds. Dan and Pat Sernyk, AKA the Button Lady. Sorry that I forgot that you told me this is also your first year at the “Fibre Fair” and not your 5th or 6th Sale as I announced to about 50 of my e-mail friends. Duuuhhh!!! Angler Dan.

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