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Smash Knits is a curated collected of handdyed yarns, sewn & embroidery embellished project totes/pouches for knitters, crocheters, needleworkers and more, as well as an assortment of stitch markers, shawl cuffs, written patterns, and other tools of the trade. Ashlee Snell answers some queries about her business for this Festival new vendor profile:

How did you get started in fibre arts and with your products?

My little handmade biz actually started out as finished knitwear in 2009. I had been knitting up a storm and when friends and family wanted to buy my work, I thought I would try my hand at Etsy and craft markets. Over the years I’ve been able to partake in many unique markets, fashion shows, and vending opportunities with my finished pieces. In 2018, I began transitioning to dyeing yarn and sewing project bags, and haven’t looked back since! 

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What inspires the work you do and things you create? 

I am drawn to rich colours, in particular jewel tones, and I find the landscape of Manitoba (especially in the fall) to be a great inspiration. Many of my yarns are named after places in Manitoba as I love to explore and discover new places in our province. I am also a really big fan of word play and puns so you’ll find that some of my work has that incorporated (like the hand embroidered project bags, and tote bags). 


What is your favourite piece/item/colour/etc that you’ve ever created?

That’s a tough question…. I recently tweaked a mustard shade that has gone through many variations and is finally where I want it to be – it’s named “Golden Boy” and is just begging to be knit into a shawl for autumn!


What else would like us to know about you and your work?

I genuinely love the act of creating; I’m a maker through and through and truly do believe that happiness is handmade 🙂 

Very much looking forward to the festival! 

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Welcome to the Festival Ashlee!

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