Yellow Door Art by Susan Hope

I am a fabric sculptor working with natural fibre fabrics to create whimsical pieces for both garden and home. Yes! I said garden! My pieces are uv and weather resistant and stand up to almost everything our Manitoba climate throws at it. 

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Frequently when I’m chatting with someone at a market I find myself looking at what they are wearing, not to critique the outfit but with longing to use the fabric that their outfit is made from! I look at the weight of the fabric, the type, how it is patterned and so on. I may have even mentioned a time or two that when the wearer tires of the item to please pass it along to me.


Natural fibre materials such as cotton, silk and wool are what I use to ‘dress up’ my creations. They work best because they soak up the medium that makes material hard and water resistant. This does not happen with synthetic fabrics: no matter how much medium is rubbed into a synthetic fabric, it does not completely saturate the synthetic. 

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Time for a disclaimer: my creations are not 100% fabric. They all start with a framework of wire, foil and tape and then are dressed with the natural fibre materials. Oh! Did I mention crocheted doilies? I love doilies (made with 100% crochet cotton, of course!) and haven’t met a doily I didn’t like. Fabrics are thoroughly immersed in a medium that is a glue-like substance. The medium is massaged into the fabric so that it coats every fibre of the fabric. This medium is what gives the finished piece its hardness and uv and water resistance. 


Every piece I create is one-of-a-kind and infused with little piece of my soul. Working with my hands as I do gives me inner peace, making me a MUCH happier person to be around. 

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Find Susan in the Yellow Door Art booth in our vendor market.

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