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Lynn Gibson has always been driven to create.  Year-round she is sewing, knitting, and stitching. In the summer it’s common to find her making jam and jelly as well as woodworking.  Self-taught in virtually all crafts, Lynn always has multiple projects on the go.

For the past five years, Lynn has specialized in repurposed wool projects, and her Queenston Crafts banner is known for quality, upcycled-wool sweater mittens.   Her sweater mittens are made from felted, thrift-store wool, angora and cashmere sweaters.   Each pair is lined with fleece for warmth and softness and are loved for their ability to keep heat in and cut the wind.  Mittens are available in three sizes and no two handcrafted pair are ever the same.


Lynn also repurposes velvety cashmere sweaters into cowls to cradle your neck in softness.  It’s an ecofriendly way to create affordable luxuries.  With an eye for pattern and colourway placement, she often pairs mitten and cowl sets for easy gift-giving ideas.

IMG_6323 (1)
Catnip cat toys are made from sweater remnants in fun shapes including mice, mittens, stockings and long ‘kitty kickers’, and are often embellished with fringe for extra play value.  Being a cat-lover and WHS cat foster mom, Lynn can attest that these toys are ‘cat-tested, cat-approved!’


Adorable, quirky gnomes are a fun product of Lynn’s upcycled sweater crafts and are sure to bring a smile to your face.  New at this year’s Fibre Festival, Lynn is previewing soft stuffed creatures.

IMG_6320 (1)

Thanks for bringing all this colour and coziness to the Festival market, Lynn!

Lynn Gibson, Queenston Crafts

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