Wool Stone & Prairie

Artist Arlette Seib introduces her business, Wool Stone & Prairie 

I guess I am a modern day shepherd of sorts, raising sheep on a piece of Saskatchewan prairie land and using the wool to create artwork of the daily scenes I am surrounded by.


I produce 2D wall art and recently began making felted rugs and felted pillows in order to include some functional decor items. My subject matter is pretty specific as I create artwork of what I am familiar with which is sheep and dogs.


Six or seven years ago I came across an image of a felted wool picture on the internet. At that time I was doing occasional drawings with colour pencil. Since I raise sheep and produce fibre I was intrigued by the idea of using wool to make an image. I struggled with learning to work with fibres though and went through a long period of trying to draw with wool, giving it up and then trying again.

Every day life raising a flock of sheep on this prairie land is what inspires me, no matter what art medium I’m using. I believe a good life is built upon simple moments well enjoyed, and I enjoy the attempt to capture a simple, every day scene, or the expression of an animal as they enjoy a simple moment.

montana girl

One of my favourite pieces is Neutral Travellers. I appreciate the calmness and the movement of animals across a subdued landscape. It represents how I’d like my journey on the prairie to be, soft, not urgent, simple and knowing, and forward, always forward.

neutral travellers
Neutral Travellers

I try to keep up with a bit of a social media presence in order to share the work. There is a website and blog and folks can follow on Instagram and Facebook.


Welcome to the Manitoba Fibre Festival, Arlette.

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