Knit Green

Joanne Seiff is the author of “Knit Green: 20 Projects and Ideas for Sustainability”.

knit green

Knit Green offers information and ideas on how to be a more environmentally conscious knitter, from sourcing materials locally and using organic products, to supporting fair work and fair trade programs.  Since the book was written Joanne has continued to explore sustainability in her home and her craft. Now that she lives in Winnipeg we are lucky to have Joanne share her knowledge and skills with our community.

Joanne is teaching a class at the Manitoba Fibre Festival on September 13 called “Using Recycled Materials to Make Yarn: for knitting, crochet, weaving and more. “

White Basket Main

This class will explore ways to use old cotton bedsheets, yarn leftovers, and roving to make something useful. Participants will get tips for how to rip or prepare things for making, advice for re-use, and a start on a handknit basket or crocheted seat cushion.


 Register for Joanne’s class and green up your crafting practice with some creative recycling!

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