2019 Fibre Art Show Featured Artist

The Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba have selected Helen Knockaert as their featured artist during the Festival, September 13 & 14. Helen’s work will be on display as part of the TFAM curated fibre art show, “Circles and Spirals”.


Helen Knockaert comes from the prairies.  She grew up on a farm in Manitoba.  It would take a lot to convince her to live anywhere but where there is open sky and wild grass blowing in the wind.


Helen works with hand painted cotton fabric as well as hand processed, dyed raw wool.  She integrates a variety of techniques into each piece she creates using cultural experiences and nature as her inspiration.  She is thrilled when a viewer needs a closer look at her art and is drawn to touch her 3D creations.


Helen’s joy is in creating.

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