Melanie Wesley Studio

New vendor profile for the Manitoba Fibre Festival 2020 — welcome, Melanie!

Melanie Wesley Studio is my professional name and the name I use everywhere online.
Because I’m a visual artist with a very broad repertoire, my own name is a nice umbrella to keep it all under and it allows me the flexibility I need to grow.


I’m mostly known for my textile work which includes dolls, wall hangings and garments (my miniatures and paintings are a close second).

I started on my fibre arts journey at 15 when I first learned to sew. I love experimenting and trying new things so my work has naturally evolved through my curiosity over time. I’m always inspired by nature, fairytales and other artists working in a variety of media.


Themes of beauty, play and fear are prominent in my work, so it’s often dominated by unusual characters.


Everytime I explore a new rabbit hole, it becomes my new favorite thing. Right now I’m working on a collection of ceramic, wool and textile dolls.


You can find me on the Fibre Trail at the Velvet Plume Studio, Saturday September 12 from 11-4

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