“Found on Corydon”

We are happy to welcome Candis of “Found on Corydon” to the Manitoba Fibre Festival. Candis curates an eclectic and delightful vintage collection. For our market she will focus on antique textiles and tools for felting, antique knitting books, buttons, tatting tools; vintage wool for crafting, and more. You can find her on the Manitoba Fibre Trail at Hundredfold Farm on Saturday September 12 from 10 – 4.

Candis says: My specialty is found textiles, and rescued primitive, hand-crafted folk art that harkens to simpler times.  I started collecting textiles when I realized they brought joy and warmth to any home or environment.


I am inspired the artistry and expertise of women’s work! It often goes unnoticed and was often under appreciated.

I believe that every piece tells a story and resonates with love. This can be transpired to the new owner much like a good book or home cooked meal.

My favourite piece  is a wedding blanket;  made by the Marsh Women in Iraq.


My dream is to have a museum/ library and maker space, where textile arts are preserved and some of the old ways are  taught and shared with a community of like minded individuals; to create a space to learn collectively, and share knowledge.

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