Wool Mountain — MWL MiniMakers

Maureen Winnicki Lyons – WOOL MOUNTAIN —  MWLminiMakers.  will be set up at Long Way Homestead on the Manitoba Fibre Trail, where Maureen is also teaching a tapestry weaving workshop on Saturday September 12.

Offering 200+ breeds of wools (rare and obscure plus your everyday favourites) and other fibres, fibre processing equipment for rent, and workshops to take wool from raw to finished product: scouring, dyeing, weaving, felting, hand-spinning. 


An enthusiastic advocate for the handmade slow-living movement with 20 years of experience in arts and crafts in Manitoba, Maureen Winnicki Lyons divides her time between family, volunteer work, and sharing her passion for arts and crafts. 


Leading her own quiet revolution of mindfulness in the making, Maureen offers through MWLminiMakers dozens of skill-based workshops primarily, but not exclusively, for children ages four to 12: drop-spindling, needle-felting and frame-loom weaving; up-cycling that includes faux-stained glass using reclaimed plastics and acrylic inks; dye-based collage on recycled newsprint, and rock- and glass-painting. Her most ambitious workshop is a multi-day, multi-stage exploration of the local fibre industry from sheep to shoulder with stops at each stage along the way from sourcing raw fleece to dyeing it with natural plant matter and spinning yarn to using that yarn to make material through weaving. Fibre arts is a slow-paced handskill-based art form requiring patience and a long view making it an excellent manner in which to really explore the ideology that we as people must stop and consider the way in which we live to make ourselves, our homes, and our world more sustainable beginning with embracing local assets and opportunities.


Maureen graduated from Red River College with a Creative Communications Degree in 1993. She worked as a Communications Specialist and Public Relations Officer and has a background in photo- and print-journalism.

Born in Manitoba, MWL was raised free-range on farmland in Beausejour. She now lives in Winnipeg on a mountain of wool with her partner and four children.

Contact: Maureen Winnicki Lyons

email: mwlyons@shaw.ca

Facebook: MWL

Instagram: @maureenwinickilyons



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