Spirit Sands Shepherds

Gerry Oliver is the shepherd at Spirit Sands, near Carberry, Manitoba. She is known throughout Manitoba and beyond for her passionate commitment to producing high quality wool, and her fleeces have been winners in shows across the country.

At the Manitoba Fibre Festival, we cherish Gerry for all the work she puts into organizing our wool show and sale, and for providing the sheep for our Hall of Breeds display. Gerry’s own flock includes a diversity of wool breeds, many of which she crosses in the ongoing search for fantastic fleeces.

This year on the Manitoba Fibre Trail, Spirit Sands fleeces will be for sale at Long Way Homestead on Sunday September 19.

Many of Gerry’s flock are long wooled sheep that are shorn twice a year. Here is a video from a recent shearing day at Spirit Sands Shepherds, featuring Gerry, shearer Stacey Rosvold, and a crew of dedicated fleece enthusiasts.

Spirit Sands Shepherds Shearing Day 2020 from ManitobaFibreFestival on Vimeo.

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