Mandy’s Mini Workshops on the Fibre Trail

Visitors to Cloud 9 Fiberworks on Friday September 17 have the opportunity to pick the brain of knitting wizard Mandy Furney as she offers mini workshops and help problem solving on two topics: 1) Beading Knits and 2) Making Sweaters that You’ll Love.

Mandy says: “Never beaded a knitting project before? It’s easy enough to learn and I’ll show you some common tools you’ll want – you may already have some and didn’t realize it – as well as how to. Daria will also have kits (with pattern) available for my Battle-Weary Dragon Shawl, which is beaded, featuring some of her luxurious silk lace. (I’ll link my other beaded designs below if you’re interested.)

Looking to make some amazing sweaters that you’ll love? As it turns out, I have a lot of experience in this and I’m happy to help you love your sweaters too. As you can see from the top row of images in the gallery above, I like my sweaters relatively fitted. I regularly custom create them, but I’ve also used a wide range of published patterns also. Full confession, there are some measurements, math, and note-taking needed, but nothing a simple calculator can’t handle in small steps. If you’ve never made a sweater for yourself, what’s stopping you? (I held myself back for years, foolishly so in retrospect.) If you’ve had some regrets in the past, don’t be afraid to bring something along and I’ll be happy to engage in a productive discussion of how to achieve a Sweater you’ll adore in all ways.”

More information and pictures of gorgeous knitting on Mandy’s blog. 

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