Wee Wolle Shoppe – Manitoba’s Newest Yarn Shop

We are delighted to add a new stop to the 2021 Manitoba Fibre Trail at the Wee Wolle Shoppe in Darlingford, featuring handspun yarns and Gaywool dyes.

Owner Laurie Wiebe tells us about herself and the shop – 

How did you get started with fibre arts?

I am very blessed. My mother and my aunt are lifelong fibre artists. I was brought up from day one around ‘stashes’ and busy hands. They are spinners, weavers, knitters and much more.  I started embroidery when I was 2 yrs old and my journey led to spinning. I love the whole process of working with raw fleece right through to finished yarns.

What inspires the work you do and things you create?

My inspiration comes from my two mentors, my aunt and my mom. They are key to my fibre journey. The colours that I am drawn to and recreate with dye are inspired by nature, especially the plants trees and flowers of the prairies.


What is your favourite piece/item/colour/etc that you’ve ever created?

My favourite is a handspun blend using natural wool and a wee bit of dyed to highlight the texture of the natural fibre.

The Wee Wolle Shoppe opened on July 30th this year and I am so pleased to welcome everyone to my studio and shoppe as part of my fibre journey.

The Wee Wolle Shoppe and Studio is located at 216 Law Street in Darlingford.

We are open Saturday Sept 18 and Sunday Sept 19 from 10am to 3pm.

My aunt, Yvonne, and my mother, Marilynn, will be helping me on the weekend as we demonstrate different dyeing techniques using Gaywool Dyes.

We are on Instagram and Facebook. #weewolleshoppe and #weewolleshoppeandstudio



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