Festival Patterns – a brief history

Festival Patterns – a brief history

Looking back over our 10 years of planning, we've had a lot of fun engaging with local makers. Remember our pattern collections with local designers? You can find them all in this bundle on Ravelry.It all began in 2014 when Wolseley Wool hosted a Knit-A-Long for the Festival and solicited designs for a competition. The [...]

2019 Designs

2019 Designs

The 2019 Manitoba Fibre Festival once again has gathered together a delightful collection of patterns prepared by local designers who were inspired by the prairie sunrises and sunsets. These designs are one aspect of the 2019 Create Make Collaborate initiative. If you have not prepared your own creation, we hope these designs will further inspire [...]

Gauging Fabulous

How do you gauge how fabulous something is? We could try a scale. On a scale of 1-10 how fabulous are these goodies that will be available at the Manitoba Fibre Festival this year? I'm going to go with 120. That's 10 for each item: sturdy cotton canvas bag, luxurious yarn in this year's Festival [...]

Where [are] your stitches at?

There is one more week remaining in August. Inquiring minds want to know how your Challenge projects are progressing. What is still on the needles/hooks/wheel/loom? What is an FO? What needs the final step? Feel free to mark it as a finished object before blocking 🙂  We are looking for the projects that use our [...]

Spin Me a Winner

Every skein of handspun yarn is a winner in my books.  I knit up all my first yarns. They provided delightful texture to simple projects.  Even now, after years of spinning, I wouldn't assert my spinning to be great. I have uneven parts. Those are the sections that remind me this yarn was made by [...]

Spinning Ahead

Spring has sprung. Yarns will be spun. When do you find time to spin?  What is your current project(s)? What are you planning to spin? What has been catching your eye in your fibre stash (however big or small)? Or have the local fibre folk been tempting you with their wares? Most importantly what are [...]

Challenge Roll Call

Wow folks, you've taken this challenge and run with it in delightful directions!  Early on there was a rich array of yarns and fibres being dyed and spun.  As spring buds emerge, so too are the finished designs. Some are in the testing and editing period while others have already been added to Ravelry.  We'll [...]

Challenge and Challenges

Important Update to Challenge Dates Enclosed (an extension).  The 2018 Manitoba Fibre Festival challenge has reached that exciting stage where folks are sharing sneak peeks into new designs they have been working on in collaboration with local fibre/yarn providers.  Check out the hashtag #mbff2018challenge on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Many of the images are on [...]

Building community through creative collaboration

Today I spied on Instagram a Challenge collaboration in progress! How exciting! Earlier this season, Daria of Cloud 9 Fiberworks shared some of her dyeing ideas inspired by the Mood Board; Sarah of Imagined Landscapes designs had 'ideas'. Communication occurred and a collaboration was born. I am eager to see what new creation is birthed [...]

Warm Gatherings

The winter weather here in the prairies is a great reason to gather with others, share a cuppa, and keep warm. We've been keeping an eye on the hashtag #MBFF2018Challenge on our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).  From our own cozy spots we've been sharing in your creations. Mandyz has been living vicariously [...]

Makers Challenge 2018

Makers gonna make (make, make, make, make). If you are on Instagram and you are a maker, you've surely encountered (and possibly participated in) the many monthly challenges that bring makers together - sharing images, experiences, inspirations, and ideas. In January the Manitoba Fibre Festival released a preview of the Mood Board that is at [...]