Growing a Market for Manitoba Yarns

From our first event ten years ago, the Manitoba Fibre Festival has made it easier for local crafters to purchase yarn from local fibre farmers, spinners and dyers. Every year we are delighted to have more vendors join our market as the demand for natural fibre yarns increases. People who value the time and talent [...]

Wee Wolle Shoppe – Manitoba’s Newest Yarn Shop

We are delighted to add a new stop to the 2021 Manitoba Fibre Trail at the Wee Wolle Shoppe in Darlingford, featuring handspun yarns and Gaywool dyes. Owner Laurie Wiebe tells us about herself and the shop -  How did you get started with fibre arts? I am very blessed. My mother and my aunt [...]

White Spruce Creative – Manitoba Fibre Trail 2021 Vendor

White Spruce Creative (WSC) Co. sells woven wall hangings created by Shirley Adelle for those special spaces in your home or office. Shirley became interested in the fibre arts over the last couple of years. It appeared as if weaving on a loom had become a lost art, but Shirley has since discovered there are [...]

Mandy’s Mini Workshops on the Fibre Trail

Visitors to Cloud 9 Fiberworks on Friday September 17 have the opportunity to pick the brain of knitting wizard Mandy Furney as she offers mini workshops and help problem solving on two topics: 1) Beading Knits and 2) Making Sweaters that You’ll Love. Mandy says: "Never beaded a knitting project before? It’s easy enough to [...]

Oaks & Sparrow Co. – Manitoba Fibre Trail 2021 vendor

Welcome to a new vendor for 2021, Jodie from Oaks & Sparrow Co. -  Hello I'm Jodie I love to sew. I love to knit. Creativity takes no breaks. I am the creative behind Oaks + Sparrow Co. It all started in 2016 when my mom in law gave me a gorgeous wool suit she [...]

Spirit Sands Shepherds

Gerry Oliver is the shepherd at Spirit Sands, near Carberry, Manitoba. She is known throughout Manitoba and beyond for her passionate commitment to producing high quality wool, and her fleeces have been winners in shows across the country. At the Manitoba Fibre Festival, we cherish Gerry for all the work she puts into organizing our [...]

Wool Mountain — MWL MiniMakers

Maureen Winnicki Lyons - WOOL MOUNTAIN --  MWLminiMakers.  will be set up at Long Way Homestead on the Manitoba Fibre Trail, where Maureen is also teaching a tapestry weaving workshop on Saturday September 12. Offering 200+ breeds of wools (rare and obscure plus your everyday favourites) and other fibres, fibre processing equipment for rent, and [...]

“Found on Corydon”

We are happy to welcome Candis of "Found on Corydon" to the Manitoba Fibre Festival. Candis curates an eclectic and delightful vintage collection. For our market she will focus on antique textiles and tools for felting, antique knitting books, buttons, tatting tools; vintage wool for crafting, and more. You can find her on the Manitoba [...]

Corporeal Curios Victorian Hairwork

Welcome new vendor Sandy Klowak of Corporeal Curios Victorian Hairwork My business name is Corporeal Curios Victorian Hairwork  (first word pronounced core-POUR-ee-all). I handcraft custom keepsakes from human hair in the historic style of Victorian hairwork. I make commissions for clients who would like memorial pieces (usually framed) made from the hair of loved ones [...]

Sandra Sobkowich Wiebe – The Loom Room

New Vendor Profile:  Sandra Sobkowich Wiebe (The Loom Room) Sandra has been weaving, spinning, dyeing, and creating her works of art since the 1970s.  Her work includes a multitude of threads, fibres and anything weavable.  You will see over 100 different type and colours of threads in each piece- from her one of a kind [...]