Spirit Sands Shepherds

Gerry Oliver is the shepherd at Spirit Sands, near Carberry, Manitoba. She is known throughout Manitoba and beyond for her passionate commitment to producing high quality wool, and her fleeces have been winners in shows across the country. At the Manitoba Fibre Festival, we cherish Gerry for all the work she puts into organizing our [...]

Wool Mountain — MWL MiniMakers

Maureen Winnicki Lyons - WOOL MOUNTAIN --  MWLminiMakers.  will be set up at Long Way Homestead on the Manitoba Fibre Trail, where Maureen is also teaching a tapestry weaving workshop on Saturday September 12. Offering 200+ breeds of wools (rare and obscure plus your everyday favourites) and other fibres, fibre processing equipment for rent, and [...]

“Found on Corydon”

We are happy to welcome Candis of "Found on Corydon" to the Manitoba Fibre Festival. Candis curates an eclectic and delightful vintage collection. For our market she will focus on antique textiles and tools for felting, antique knitting books, buttons, tatting tools; vintage wool for crafting, and more. You can find her on the Manitoba [...]

Corporeal Curios Victorian Hairwork

Welcome new vendor Sandy Klowak of Corporeal Curios Victorian Hairwork My business name is Corporeal Curios Victorian Hairwork  (first word pronounced core-POUR-ee-all). I handcraft custom keepsakes from human hair in the historic style of Victorian hairwork. I make commissions for clients who would like memorial pieces (usually framed) made from the hair of loved ones [...]

Sandra Sobkowich Wiebe – The Loom Room

New Vendor Profile:  Sandra Sobkowich Wiebe (The Loom Room) Sandra has been weaving, spinning, dyeing, and creating her works of art since the 1970s.  Her work includes a multitude of threads, fibres and anything weavable.  You will see over 100 different type and colours of threads in each piece- from her one of a kind [...]

“A Gentler Time” – new vendor profile

Meet new vendor Yvonne Yvon Martens of  "A Gentler Time". I make and sell Waldorf inspired dolls made of natural fibre sourced as much as possible here in Manitoba and in Canada. I started making dolls as I wound down my nursing career but  it really became my art after my retirement. My first doll [...]


For fibre people, the sense of touch is particularly precious. We approach every project in great anticipation of the pleasures arising from those ineffable qualities described as sproing, squish, softness, and super yummy-licious-ness. The Festival is a hands-on experience. From the warmth and bounce of the living creatures growing the wool -- To the lanolin [...]

Teyana Neufeld, Workshop Instructor

Teyana Neufeld used to live in south-western Manitoba, but she now qualifies as the person who travels the furthest to teach at the Manitoba Fibre Festival!  In her own words, here's some of her story  ----  While flying out of O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johanesburg last week, I was trying to decide whether or [...]