Create Make Collaborate

How to Participate

  • Step outside to surround yourself in the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. Repeat as needed. Supplement these experiences with our 2019 visual mood collages.
  • Pick up your fibre arts tools – fibre and yarn, dyes, needles and hooks, wheels and spindles, looms and bobbins. Explore colour, texture, shapes, contrasts, shadows and brightness – however you are inspired. Knit, crochet, spin, needle felt, weave, dye, design patterns.
  • Share your creations. Look to see what other folks in our community are creating. Collaborate and engage with fellow makers. In August, see what local designers have been inspired to create and share. Make some more.

Not sure what this all means? Create Make Collaborate is our simplified version of the “Makers Challenge” from past years.  What’s it all about? Bring folks together with a shared crafting inspiration, have folks publicly share their creations in progress and finished, meet other makers doing the same, and maybe even some local yarn folks will collaborate with local makers.

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Create Make Collaborate

Create-Make-Collaborate facilitator Mandyz can be found online
Instagram: Mandyz.Moon
Ravelry & Twitter: MandyzMoon