Fibre Art Show 2019 – September 13 & 14

Sponsored and Juried by the Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba

The 2019 Theme is
“Circles and Spirals”

“Circles and spirals and lines of life.
Just like birds in flight there is a starting point,
a venturing forth and a return.
The unique journey in between is where creativity lies.”
The Fibre Art show theme for 2019 is intended to get your imagination and
creativity flowing to create some beautiful fibre art.
What is your medium of choice? Weaving, knitting, felting, quilting, silk fusion…..??


This exhibit is a juried show and adherence to the theme is the focus of the juried selection.  The artwork is not judged but there will be a “Viewer’s Choice” prize awarded. Inclusion and blending of fibre-based art and mediums including found or unusual objects is acceptable and encouraged. Collaboration amongst different types of fibre artists is applauded. 

Wall art, free standing and 3D are all welcome.  Open to all Manitoba fibre artists and Manitoba Fibre Festival vendors.  

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