Fleece Show and Sale

Thank you to Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers

for sponsoring our 2022 Fleece Show and Sale!

Results from wool show judge Susie Gourlay
Starting on top left and moving clockwise:
1st Fine White Rambouillet (Graham Rannie, GRannie Rambouillets)
1st Fine Coloured CVM (Christel Lanthier, Ferme Fiola Farm)
1st Medium White Rideau Arcott (Leah Bouchard, Green Pastures Farm)
1st Long White, Reserve Champion Wensleydale/Texel (Gerry Oliver, Spirit Sands Shepherds)
1st Long Coloured Supreme Champion Romney/Cotswold (Gerry Oliver, Spirit Sands Shepherds)
1st Specialty Icelandic (Julie Schneider)

This was our largest wool show yet, and we were pleased to have new farms entering.  Fleeces sold in the silent auction for prices ranging from $5 to $180 each. Producers appreciated getting feedback from the comments on each fleece judging sheet; and farmers and artisans enjoyed meeting  each other and talking about fibre. Big thanks to wool judge Susie Gourlay, and to show and sale organizer Gerry Oliver and her team of volunteers.