Fleece Show and Sale


Producers from across the country are invited to enter their fleeces for judging. Fleeces may also be sold through the silent auction which runs until 3:00 pm on Saturday September 16.

Wool Classes: (All classes include miscellaneous crossbred wools)

White Wool: 1 – Fine: ex) – Cormo, Polwarth, Rambouillet, Targhee

2 – Medium/Down ex)  – Arcott, Cheviot, Corriedale, Dorset, Clun Forest, Suffolk

3 – Long: ex)  – BFL, Cotswold, Lincoln, Romney, 

Coloured Wool:     5 – Fine: ex)  – Finn, Polwarth

6 – Medium/Down:  – ex) Black Welsh, Columbia, Corriedale, Hampshire7 – Long: ex)  – Border Leicester, Coopworth, Gotland, Romney 

Specialty Wool:    8 – Double coated and dual coloured fleeces such as Jacob, Icelandic, Romanov, Soay or Shetland for example.

*Fleeces may be re-classed, in the best interest of the fleece, using the judge’s discretion.

Prizes will be awarded to First, Second and Third place in each category.  Three Grand Champions will be awarded from White wools, Coloured Wools and Specialty wools.  Supreme Champion will be awarded to the highest overall scoring fleece.

Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Ltd has provided the prize money for the winning fleeces

Grand Champions will be awarded $50 each

Supreme Champion will be awarded $754743760_orig.jpg

Judging at the 2015 Manitoba Fibre Festival 

Susie Gourlay: Fibre Artist/Designer/Wool Judge
Gerry Oliver: Wool Producer/Artist  

photo by Pam Heath of Rare Breeds Canada