Pattern Collection 2017

Our exciting new project this year celebrates our community of fibre producers and artisans with the creation of patterns featuring local talent from sheep to shawl.

Manitoba Fibre Festival’s inaugural pattern collection, flatlands, is set for release later this summer! Featuring 13 knitwear designs from established and emerging designers from Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and featuring yarns from the Canadian fibreshed, this collection marks an exciting new way to get involved with Manitoba Fibre Festival throughout the year. Patterns will be available for purchase and download on ravelry.
We are also hosting a knit-a-long (kal) for the collection! Between august 1-september 14, join us and our talented designers on instagram, ravelry, and facebook as we cast on our projects.
Anyone who wears their completed project to the Manitoba Fibre Festival in September gains free entry.
can’t wait for the collection release? contact ash alberg at to volunteer for test knitting!

on the photo shoot for the Flatlands Collection. photo by Hilori Thompson