Pattern Collection 2017

Our exciting new project this year celebrates our community of fibre producers and artisans with the creation of patterns featuring local talent from sheep to shawl.

Designer ash alberg is curating this collection of accessory designs. Beginning March 1 ash will be accepting design submissions for the collection, and connecting the designers with yarn from local dyers and spinners. Selected designs will go through a photo shoot and a process of tech editing and test knitting. The collection will be launched on Ravelry in early August and then the knit-a-long fun begins, leading up to the Festival in mid September.

Please read further for the design call requirements and general timelines.
Design deadline: all submissions must be emailed to by March 21st, 2017. Patterns received after this date will not be considered for inclusion in this year’s collection. Accepted designs are accessories of any kind for any gender or age (no garments or homeware), and may be a maximum of 3 skeins of the suggested yarn(s). Submissions should include design sketch, photo of swatch, a brief write-up about the pattern, and requested yarn or type of yarn and the amount required. Yarn will be sourced from the local fibreshed (manitoba, saskatchewan, alberta, and western ontario, with only approved exceptions outside of this area), and i (ash) will contact the yarn provider for you. Previously published patterns will not be accepted (this includes free patterns, patterns posted on blogs, etc.).
All pattern samples must be received by ash by May 14, 2017 for a collection photoshoot (please note that samples must be in my hands by this date, not postmarked on the date).
Patterns will be tech edited between their completion and the end of June. Patterns will be test knit over the month of July, and the full collection will be made available on ravelry on August 1, 2017.
There will be a knit-a-long for the whole collection from August 1 to the start of the festival on September 15. Samples will remain with ash from may 14 until the end of the festival. All samples will be on display at the festival. Designers will receive them at the end of the festival. If you are unable to attend the festival, please arrange with ash to have the sample returned to you (either pick-up from winnipeg or mailed at designer’s expense).
who gets the proceeds from pattern sales? Designers will retain all proceeds from their own pattern sales. Designers who do not currently have ravelry pro accounts set-up will have one created for this pattern. Designers are responsible for all associated fees, and should indicate to ash whether taxes need to be charged for their pattern.
can i create kits with my dyer/spinner/farmer friend? Yes, absolutely! Kits sold at the festival are asked to consider building 20% into their sales cost to donate to the festival.
can i lead a separate knit-a-long for my own pattern?  After the festival, you can do whatever you like with your pattern. As this is a group collection with the purpose of benefitting our local fibre festival and fibreshed, you are asked to promote the entire collection, and no separate knit-a-longs are permitted during the official collection knit-a-long.
I’m the dyer! can i sell yarn for my pattern before the festival?  Please do! just be sure that you have enough stock for your table at the festival. Don’t forget to apply to be a vendor!
i’ve never designed before. can i still apply?  Yes! i will be providing some direction, and as several of my shawl design 101 students will attest, i really just want you to give a try and have fun. There are more rules in place than if you just go it alone, but i’ll be using my experience as a designer who has self-published over 60 patterns, worked with third-party publishers in the states and japan, and self-published a knitting book to help give you some guidance.
will the patterns be free?  Definitely not. The average shawl design takes a good 40-hour work week to knit, write, photograph, tech edit, and publish, and the designer responsible should be paid. We may offer a coupon code at some point during the knit-a-long and/or during the festival. That will be discussed with all the confirmed designers closer to the collection’s release.
you seem kind of bossy. what if i don’t like the rules?  That’s ok! All designers will be signing a contract agreeing to the terms, and if you don’t like some of the terms, you don’t have to participate. There are no hard feelings, and there are also lots of other ways to get involved with both the collection in a less formal way and with the festival.
Please email any questions and submissions to Submissions sent via any other method of social media will not be considered. Please allow 3-5 days for confirmation and review of your submission.



designed, knitted, and photographed by ash alberg