Challenge Roll Call

Wow folks, you've taken this challenge and run with it in delightful directions!  Early on there was a rich array of yarns and fibres being dyed and spun.  As spring buds emerge, so too are the finished designs. Some are in the testing and editing period while others have already been added to Ravelry.  We'll [...]

Makers Challenge 2018

Makers gonna make (make, make, make, make). If you are on Instagram and you are a maker, you've surely encountered (and possibly participated in) the many monthly challenges that bring makers together - sharing images, experiences, inspirations, and ideas. In January the Manitoba Fibre Festival released a preview of the Mood Board that is at [...]

Flatlands KAL

The Flatlands Collection KAL is underway* and there are some delightful works in progress.  Did you know that there is a prize offering?  It is in addition to free admission to the Festival if you bring your Flatlands Collection knit item. What have you cast on? Maybe you're spinning for one? Do share. I've been [...]