Northern Lights Lacemakers

Introducing another of our volunteer groups who will be demonstrating their craft at the Manitoba Fibre Festival -- Northern Lights Lacemakers is a small lace group based in Winnipeg. The group began formally in 2007. After several years of teaching bobbin lace, Ewa Kurnicka, (of Needlepoint Place) met with students Rise Thompson and Jocelyn Froese [...]

Lace Enhancements with Mandy

Mandy Furney loves to knit lace. A lot of lace! She will share some of her favourite techniques with other knitters in her Lace Enhancements workshop at the Festival. This shawl that Mandy recently created as a gift to a bride beautifully illustrates these skills. Here's how Mandy describes the class:  Lace Enhancements - A [...]