Gauging Fabulous

How do you gauge how fabulous something is? We could try a scale. On a scale of 1-10 how fabulous are these goodies that will be available at the Manitoba Fibre Festival this year? I'm going to go with 120. That's 10 for each item: sturdy cotton canvas bag, luxurious yarn in this year's Festival [...]

Where [are] your stitches at?

There is one more week remaining in August. Inquiring minds want to know how your Challenge projects are progressing. What is still on the needles/hooks/wheel/loom? What is an FO? What needs the final step? Feel free to mark it as a finished object before blocking 🙂  We are looking for the projects that use our [...]

Challenge Roll Call

Wow folks, you've taken this challenge and run with it in delightful directions!  Early on there was a rich array of yarns and fibres being dyed and spun.  As spring buds emerge, so too are the finished designs. Some are in the testing and editing period while others have already been added to Ravelry.  We'll [...]

Challenge and Challenges

Important Update to Challenge Dates Enclosed (an extension).  The 2018 Manitoba Fibre Festival challenge has reached that exciting stage where folks are sharing sneak peeks into new designs they have been working on in collaboration with local fibre/yarn providers.  Check out the hashtag #mbff2018challenge on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Many of the images are on [...]

Makers Challenge 2018

Makers gonna make (make, make, make, make). If you are on Instagram and you are a maker, you've surely encountered (and possibly participated in) the many monthly challenges that bring makers together - sharing images, experiences, inspirations, and ideas. In January the Manitoba Fibre Festival released a preview of the Mood Board that is at [...]