Enrich Your Skills

There are still some spaces available in our rich line-up of workshops.  If you haven't checked them out, pop over here - but first let me suggest several reasons why you want to do that and see if I can't pique your interest further. Now, go check out the lineup, the details, the registration instructions, [...]

Why You All Should Attend

For the fibre enthusiast, those of us with experience at the Festival, the answer to "why should you attend the Manitoba Fibre Festival?" may be obvious.  So obvious you may not know how to describe it; it's self-evident, isn't it?? Perhaps, however, you or someone you know doesn't quite know the answer. Or, perhaps, you [...]

Lace Enhancements with Mandy

Mandy Furney loves to knit lace. A lot of lace! She will share some of her favourite techniques with other knitters in her Lace Enhancements workshop at the Festival. This shawl that Mandy recently created as a gift to a bride beautifully illustrates these skills. Here's how Mandy describes the class:  Lace Enhancements - A [...]

Val Fiddler, Wool Judge and Fibre Farmer

Introducing Val Fiddler, in her own words: In the fall of 2004, a little flock of 20 Corriedale ewes and 2 rams came to us at Newland Ranch near Webb Saskatchewan. Life as we knew it would never be the same! The following spring after the first shearing, I wanted to keep the wool rather [...]

Diana Twiss, Instructor

Diana is an experienced fibre arts instructor with a background in adult education and fine art. Passionate about fibre, fabric, colour and texture, she has introduced many beginners to the wonders of making yarn and has helped experienced spinners experiment with technique, colour, and fibre to take their spinning to a new level. She especially [...]

Susie Gourlay of “Knit Natural”

Susie has been with the Festival since the first year, so many of you will already know and appreciate her talents as a teacher, spinner, and designer. She lives in Regina, and we are lucky that she and her husband Jeremy travel to Manitoba regularly for our festival in the fall and the Blue Hills [...]