The Community Online

While the Fibre Trail idea seems a good adaption to a challenging year, we will still miss the unique energy of getting the whole community together. On this page we are sharing a rather eclectic selection of videos where you can see some familiar faces and discover new people and ideas — much like you would be doing at the “old style” Festival. So get out your knitting, pour the tea, and have a look.

We will definitely miss the indefatigable Mr Ted Stevens and his sock knitting machines;

But the Gilmore/St George Machine Knitting knitting club have made a demonstration video for us:

And the Winnipeg Embroiderers Guild prepared this gallery of their lovely work:

The “Knit Together” series of videos produced locally last year feature a lot of familiar faces. Look at those smiles. Yarn fumes are good for the soul!

Ash Alberg’s “From Field to Skin” series includes this interview with Christel at Ferme Fiola Farm –

We have a new video made at shearing day at Spirit Sands Shepherds in August –

Carolyn Carleton of Living Skies Fibre Studio sent us this video introduction to her hand dyed fibres from her studio in Saskatchewan –

Living Skies Fibre Studio from Carolyn Carleton on Vimeo.

Here’s our first “postcard” , received just hours before the Fibre Trail began – from Fenella & Christine happily stranded in Australia, the felters paradise.